Sunday, June 10, 2007

One, Two, Three Four, Hi-5!!

We went to see Hi-5 Live!!! Madison had a blast, she was dancing to the music. It makes such a huge difference when you actually know the songs...I wanted to jump up and dance but i figured i didn't want to embarrass Cox. Hahaha. But amazingly it was pretty much a full house. As my husband would say, we are part of the in crowd with the toddlers that is. Haha. We took some pictures of the group even though they said no flash photography ssssssshhhhhhhhh. I had to take some pics for show and tell of course. As a souvenir we bought Maddie the Hi-5 pillow, very expensive but I guess you have no choice when you're already there :o) We also spent time with our friends Lisa, Calvin and their 3 year old daughter Mallory, Maddie had so much fun playing with her, they played till 10:30...WOAH way past the kids bedtime, but surprisingly Maddie did not sleep in the car on the way home, I got her changed and had to watch her 1 show before she eventually fell asleep. We all did. Phew! What a day...

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