Monday, November 5, 2007

Cox live on CBC Radio Vancouver

Cox was on live Radio today he was interviewed about OSA. Apparetly the associate producer called the office out of the blue. He had to be at the station at 6am! Yikes! (thank God it's not me) I could not sleep well all night worried that he might not wake up to leave for his interview. But he did..he probably could not sleep either making sure that he makes at 6am. The interview today was about the extra hour of sleep that we gained over the weekend.

Apparently, he has another gig coming up one of his patients is a host for another radio station.

I will update everyone on the next gig just in case you'd like to listen online.

That's it for now...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween part 2 & 3

Part 2 is at school...

Maddie's pre-school was resumed this week after a week of hiatus last week. If you could believe it, a small plane hit her school (imagine 9/11 but on a smaller scale) the pilot died and only 2 people are injured. So the teacher called on Monday to make sure that everyone wore their costumes to class on Tuesday. They made pumpkins out of paper, and the teacher had them decorate their own treat bags and they had a few trick or treating stations in the classroom. Here are the pics

Part 3 is a the mall...

This is our first time to go to Richmond Center to trick or treat and I think this will be our last time. There was a lot of shoving and it was just TOO busy for us. Since the mall was only handing out candies between 6 & 7, when we got there at 530pm the whole food court was PACKED with people sitting, eating dinner and just waiting for the candies to start coming. And as soon as 6pm hit, the older kids started running towards whatever store they saw that was handing out candy. Maddie and I didn't make it to too many stores I just wanted her to experience what trick or treating was all about. I think next year we will go and join Monique at her place for trick or treating. I would've taken a picture at the mall but i was too worried about losing Maddie. Here are our pictures at home.