Sunday, August 12, 2007

My baby is 2 today!

I cannot believe that I am a proud Mommy to a 2 year old. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant, and now we have a very talkative 2 year old. Man, time flies when you're having fun i guess.

We have planned to have Maddie's party at the Steveston waterpark, but the weather network said that it was 40% showers today, so I decided to move the party to Kongkong's house. Thank goodness I did that, it turned out to be a great idea. We transformed Kongkong's driveway into our own little bubble waterpark with the sprinkler and a super bubble machine. Everyone had a blast! Even the adults, especially Emman. Haha. The cake was a hit, everyone loved it! Especially the birthday girl. Thank you to everyone who came to the party. I hope you had lots of fun and lot so food to eat! Happy Birthday Maddie!

PS. I have some pics to upload today, and more will come tomorrow. I have yet to download the pictures that we took from my dad's camera.

PPS. Thanks to Andrew for taking pictures. I really appreciate it!

Here are the first batch of pictures.... Enjoy

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Cathy said...

Super cute pictures! My favorites were:
(1) Maddie trying to fill the bucket without getting wet
(2) Emman arttacking Catcher with the water gun (pick on someone your own size, buddy)
(3) Rissa and Micz kissing
(4) My mom kissing Maddie's icing covered face
(5) Hoodie girls