Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Sorry for the long absence, I've just been a little busy since i last posted but have not had the chance to post anything.

First of all, Congrats to Van, Andrew and Aidan on their latest arrival Baby Carmina Isabelle weighing in at 9.5lbs. Wow.. I'm glad it was you Van who pushed her out and not me! Haha. Also to Jen & Art Dy for their new baby boy Richard Benjamin Calubad Dy weighing in at almost 6 lbs. Sleepless nights here we come...

Secondly, Cha here are some pictures from Maddie's activites...since you were accusing me of slacking off here they are!

Finally, i just want to share the good news..Maddie pooped in her little potty today!!! But she actually peeed in the toilet last Sunday night. After waiting for 30 min she finally peed! And as a reward she got to flush the toilet! Woooohoooo... actually after 15min of sitting in the bathroom with her i was already to give up, but then she kept on insisting that she wants to pee so good thing she persisted. Am so proud of her...i hope this is the road to a successful potty training! Wish us luck!

have a good week everyone...

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Cathy said...

Is it just me, or did she lose weight? could be the pants and turtleneck too, but she looks like she stretched!!! And my brother is a baluga....sigh~