Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hello from Las Vegas

Maddie went on her first plane ride yesterday! For a second there, i thought she was going to miss the take off as she was about to fall asleep because we have woke up very early to get ready for the trip. But she stayed up just long enough for us to reach the cruising altitude and then fall asleep. I'm hoping next time we get on the plane Maddie would be potty trained already because she was tooooooooo BIG for the change table! I wish i had my camera in there with me because it was funny. She only had her back to the table and both her feet were up in the air. Plus, she did the nasty it stank up a storm in that one little lavatory.

When we got into Las Vegas we landed in the new part of the airport and we had to take a monorail to get to our baggage she had a great time, she was said "Mama we're going so fast" the other passengers on the plane are chuckling because she was so amused. She saw some palm trees and asked where the pyramid was. I think from her Little Einstein show she remembers the pyramid and the palm trees. Today we are going shopping as the boys are going golfing then tomorrow we plan to hit the strip.

Anyway..until next time..

blog you later!

PS. pictures to come when we get back..

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