Saturday, February 16, 2008

Potty Tales continues...

Yesterday was the first day Maddie wore diapers all day. After 15 pees, 4 accidents (peeing in the carpet and pooping before sitting), 2 mini poops. I think she did pretty well. She didn't even pee in her diaper when she went down for her nap. And when we were ready for bed she i put her diaper on and we had to go to the potty 3x before she went to sleep. She insisted on peeing in the toilet and not in her diaper. Eventually she fell asleep thank GOD. I was exhausted but could not sleep because my body was still kind of achy. So i took a few minutes to stretch my back and eventually fell asleep but still had a restless sleep. I think this pregnancy is starting to take a toll on me. I can't seem to sleep very well these days..anyway, until tomorrow..

Btw, it's now 2pm and Maddie still has the same panty that she wore this am! woohooo! we're doing well. I hope I didn't just jinx her great potty job streak!

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