Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meet Lucas Edward

Our son is finally here! I have to admit the recovery from my c-section is going better than when I had Maddie. I am more mobile this time compared to before. Am sure my husband is glad because this time he does not have to carry/accompany me to the bathroom. Am not sure if it's because my body knows that am not going to get much help from Cox at the hospital since someone has to stay with Maddie. But my poor mom had to stay with me at the hospital to help with Lucas. Thanks MOM. It's greatly appreciated!

It's been a rough few days trying to adjust to the night time feedings again. It's been awhile since we've done it. But we're slowly getting to some routine. I hope! Like tonight, Cox and I are sharing the night shift, Cox is now getting some shut eye while I stay up and keep shoti company. How am I writing this now you say? Erin came up to meet Lucas for the first time this weekend. So while she is happily keeping him company, I get to post on my blog which I have not done so in a while. It's just been a little too busy preparing for his arrival.

Here are some pictures of our little man..


Rochelle W said...

He is beautiful!! Congrats to you. I had three c-sections with all my girls and just like you, my first one was a long recovery but my other two were super easy. Almost too easy. I kept thinking I was going to fall back but I didn't. congrats again on your new addition.

Kim Gasper said...

So cute! Congratulations!