Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ready, set, BOWL!

We were invited to Elijah's 5th Birthday party. Maddie had a blast (thanks again "Pees"). She was so excited she did not eat any healthy food at all. All she had was just juice and ice cream!! WOOHOOO can you say sugar HIGH? Anyway, after she went through her loot bag she eventually fell asleep. She finally got tired halfway home. Here are some pics.

Maddie's ready to bowl..

Cassiel's happy to see Maddie

Maddie, Cassiel, Micah & Meghan

Ready position...

Maddie must be wondering who's head Ninong is holding up..she does not know Darth Vader.. btw, this was the pinata. Just in case anyone was wondering.

final group picture with the birthday boy and his personalized bowling pin

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