Monday, August 6, 2007

Hello from the "City of Roses" aka Portland, OR

We got into Portland yesterday afternoon, and because we're avid shoppers, as soon as we were checked in we rushed off to the outlet mall that was 10 min away. We had to rush as the stores were closing within the hour. But we got some shopping in anyway.

Today we took Maddie to the Oregon Zoo. She had a blast! She got to see all the animals she's been reading and watching about in person! We even had to rush the last 30 min to see what animals she wanted to see because she was getting tired and is almost about to pass out for her nap. But overall, i think we all had a great time. Pics to follow as soon as possible, i promise.

To get to the Zoo we decided to take the MAX which is the public transportation in Portland (like the T in Boston and the skytrain in Vancouver) . I didn't realize how far our hotel was. It took us about 45 min to get to the Zoo when it would've only taken 20 min by car! I figured that Maddie would enjoy the train, but after 15 min on the train, she was getting antsy. So i guess next time we don't have to include the train as part of the travel itin. Overall, i think it was good for us coz we got $1 each of our admission tickets! Plus we didn't add to the pollution of the city. Woooohoooo!

Tomororw we're off to more shopping while the boys take in a round of golf. Until next time.... I need to get some zzzzzz's for tomorrow's big shopping day!

have a great day everyone!

PS> As promised, here are the pics. WARNING -- I have to apologize about my "get up" on this day. My outfit should be voted "what not to wear"! I actually was in a hurry to leave on our trip and forgot to pack my black sandals. My husband was so embarrassed that he told me to shop for a pair of shoes ASAP coz he cannot stand my outfit! So i ended up buying another pair of crocs but now in brown. Still not matching but not as loud as the blue! Anyway, i hope you guys enjoy our pictures.

Portland Roadtrip 2007

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