Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Phrase of the Day!

I just thought I'd start jotting down what my daughter has been saying out of the blue on my blog so i don't forget them. Today during a conversation with her dad, they were talking about Mickey Mouse and her dad asked:

Cox: Maddie is that right?
Maddie: You Betcha!

I just thought keep track of these things before my memory leaves me. Trust me, i don't remember anything. Ask my husband!

Another funny thing happened today, my dad and I went for coffee at Tim Hortons and Maddie wanted a vanilla doughnut because it was the only one with sprinkles (surprise, surprise) anyway, so she was eating away at her doughnut a few minutes later she said "Maddie's all done" i turned around and guess what was left, the doughnut part without the sprinkles. She ate the part with the sprinkles only! Hahaha Btw, her face was sooooooooooooooo messy, i wish i took a picture of it. Am sure you guys can imagine it anyway... until next time...

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